Westminster Sculpture | Action of the Escapement


Action of the Escapement   2010                    8′ x 4′ x 8′    Steel, Copper Patina

This sculpture was created by Mathias Leppitsch for Benton Park, Westminster, CO.  In the context of the long history of the plains around and under our expanding urban areas the transformation from unchanging landscape to today’s environment of metamorphosis has never been more palpable.  The title of the piece is a dual reference to the functional mechanisms of an analog timepiece and to the act of suspending the pace of modern life when taking time for reflection.  It is inspired formally by the pointed dials of clocks and watches, as well as the split nib of the fountain pen of history.  As the sculpture casts a sweeping shadow across the circle of benches, an elusive relationship between rest and evolution is witnessed.  Fabricated by Cataform in Denver of salvaged plate steel, the piece was treated with a true Cupric patination process which gives it its distinctive oxidized copper appearance.  Benton Park is located at Sheridan Blvd. and 112th Ave. in Westminster, Colorado.  The park and surrounding professional campus was designed by David Lynn Wise Architecture and Urban Design.

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1 Response to Westminster Sculpture | Action of the Escapement

  1. A wonderfully thoughtful, breathable and intelligent work of art. Can’t wait to have a respite here.

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