Sculpture Donated for DAM’s Design After Dark 2011

This year Design After Dark’s organizers provided the theme LIGHT which has been divided into three categories for participants: Illumination, Weight, and Reflection.  Cataform was asked to create an auction-able artwork in the LIGHT/Weight category, so I proceeded to create Luminous Ether 1. It was a great opportunity to hook up the vintage Hobart Linear II push-pull MIG gun and put together some aluminum.  Here’s the narrative I submitted with the piece:

Lightness, existing beyond the grasp of gravity, is the inspiration for this piece by Cataform, a Denver creative outfit founded by artist Mathias Leppitsch.  The shape of this hovering phantasm expresses buoyancy and drift.  In addressing the embodiment of a concept as singular as lightness, using one material suffices.  Patterns were made from sketches expressing release from universal forces, to which aluminum sheet was cut, formed, welded and then ground and polished to luminance.  During the creative process, numerous impulses toward extraneous expression were dampened to give priority to lightness unadorned by anecdotal luggage.  Any impression that Luminous Ether 1 moves or breathes or resembles an entity could only be explained by unexpected turbulence in the unseen ether.

The hard part is over, now it’s time enjoy the other entries and celebrate that I got it submitted by the deadline!

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1 Response to Sculpture Donated for DAM’s Design After Dark 2011

  1. David Hamlin says:

    Mathias this piece is so poignant and graceful. I’m very excited to see it in person and meet you at the Design After Dark event!

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