Spinning (Interactive) Interchangeable Display System

Useful for sharing interchangeable printed information and imagery in an inviting and interactive way, these boxes were recently commissioned by a mid-western industry-specific supplies provider.  They were designed and fabricated here at my studio.  Animated CAD renderings were generated to communicate with the purchaser and to streamline the fabrication process.

The display parts include sealed ball-bearings, welded and powder-coated aluminum frames, removable clear acrylic bi-fold sleeves to hold the interchangeable media, solid stainless rods to mount the spinning display array, and stainless floor and ceiling mounting flanges to retain the vertical rods.

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Modern Mantel

This gas fireplace and monolithic mantel are modern and durable.  The exhaust flue is enclosed with a configurable shelving system; a large welded steel cap creates a clean, versatile surface.

each shelf may be oriented a number of ways

an early cad model introduces the movable shelves



tacking the "plinth" pattern together

welded and ready for coating

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“Opa!” Simple Space Divider for a New Greek Restaurant

The restaurant industry often needs things done yesterday, so when I was called to provide a simple and classy room divider about a week before opening day, it was designed and delivered on time.


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big lamp / room divider

We really enjoyed making colorful and over-sized lamps to help illuminate Create Denver 2010, so it made sense to apply some of those new-found skills to enhance privacy and lighting in a compact Highlands studio residence.  The solution utilizes fabric, a welded wire framework, and low wattage lights.  The multi-purpose screen brings warm illumination to the adjacent living room.

putting on the finishing touches

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Sculpture Donated for DAM’s Design After Dark 2011

This year Design After Dark’s organizers provided the theme LIGHT which has been divided into three categories for participants: Illumination, Weight, and Reflection.  Cataform was asked to create an auction-able artwork in the LIGHT/Weight category, so I proceeded to create Luminous Ether 1. It was a great opportunity to hook up the vintage Hobart Linear II push-pull MIG gun and put together some aluminum.  Here’s the narrative I submitted with the piece:

Lightness, existing beyond the grasp of gravity, is the inspiration for this piece by Cataform, a Denver creative outfit founded by artist Mathias Leppitsch.  The shape of this hovering phantasm expresses buoyancy and drift.  In addressing the embodiment of a concept as singular as lightness, using one material suffices.  Patterns were made from sketches expressing release from universal forces, to which aluminum sheet was cut, formed, welded and then ground and polished to luminance.  During the creative process, numerous impulses toward extraneous expression were dampened to give priority to lightness unadorned by anecdotal luggage.  Any impression that Luminous Ether 1 moves or breathes or resembles an entity could only be explained by unexpected turbulence in the unseen ether.

The hard part is over, now it’s time enjoy the other entries and celebrate that I got it submitted by the deadline!


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Suspended Kitchen Armature

This one-of-a-kind tool offers more than a standard pot-rack.  It responds to  numerous  unique requests, offering integral lighting, utility mesh, stainless rails, and confidently occupies its place above this kitchen’s existing countertop.

I designed special heavy offset brackets to support the rack directly over the island.  It is connected to the bracket with threaded rods, turnbuckles, and clevis pinned connections.

Two tiers of stainless rails allow smooth, non-marking and non-corroding adjustment of hanging implements.  Nearly 50 custom bent stainless hooks suspend cookware in a herringbone configurati0n.

The dramatic low voltage lighting apparatus  is specially designed and fabricated to complete the piece.  Nesting above the top tier, it illuminates the work surface without interfering with function.  Pass the peas.

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Westminster Sculpture | Action of the Escapement


Action of the Escapement   2010                    8′ x 4′ x 8′    Steel, Copper Patina

This sculpture was created by Mathias Leppitsch for Benton Park, Westminster, CO.  In the context of the long history of the plains around and under our expanding urban areas the transformation from unchanging landscape to today’s environment of metamorphosis has never been more palpable.  The title of the piece is a dual reference to the functional mechanisms of an analog timepiece and to the act of suspending the pace of modern life when taking time for reflection.  It is inspired formally by the pointed dials of clocks and watches, as well as the split nib of the fountain pen of history.  As the sculpture casts a sweeping shadow across the circle of benches, an elusive relationship between rest and evolution is witnessed.  Fabricated by Cataform in Denver of salvaged plate steel, the piece was treated with a true Cupric patination process which gives it its distinctive oxidized copper appearance.  Benton Park is located at Sheridan Blvd. and 112th Ave. in Westminster, Colorado.  The park and surrounding professional campus was designed by David Lynn Wise Architecture and Urban Design.

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Salvaged Doors – Articulating Screen

If you have ever hestitated when discarding something old and broken because its long history or aged surfaces suddenly struck you as artfully beautiful, you may appreciate these doors.  While too rotted to continue carrying out their original calling, they more than succeed in their new role as framed artworks, and as charismatic reminders that new is not always better.




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New Facade in Steel

A Studio in Highlands recently received a new lease on life.  Cataform was there to help Highland Renovations by offering design solutions as well as expert metal fitting and on-site welding for columns, boxbeams, and overhead facade.


in progress

buttoned up just in time for the weather

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Design/Build – A Residence in the Rockies

Shortly after I graduated from VA Tech’s College of Architecture and Urban Studies, I hand-drafted and built this mountain retirement residence.  Utilizing both passive and active solar systems, energy consumption is reduced year-round.  Its broad Alps-chalet inspired roof-line keeps 120 inches of annual snowfall away from the structure each winter.

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